It is barely to find a man have not eaten Chinese dishes, especially the Chicken and cashew nut stir-fry. The chilly dishes served with steamed jasmine rice is the best choice for lunch after a long term working, and starvation is the best seasoning. So, have you been wondering if the delicious Chinese cuisine can be cooked at home? Surely, as long as you have our recipe, you can savor this traditional Chinese food at anytime and anywhere. Ingredient preparing: shelled dried cashew nuts, chicken breast fillets, ground white chili, chicken stoke, soy sauce, yellow and red chili, eggs. Firstly, add egg (depends on your need), cornflour, a table spoon of sea salt into the bowl, thoroughly mix them with whisking instrument. Then pour chicken breast in, cover it with the mixture. After that, heat the wok and ready to cook. When the wok start to smoke, pour corn oil into it for 2-3 minutes, constantly check the oil boiling degree with a wooden chopstick—dip the tip of the chopstick into oil, subtle bubbles emitted is the sign of boiled oil. Fry chicken, cashew nuts till crispy, golden. Stir fry the rest of gradients in the other wok, seasoning with ground white chili. As final step, stir fry all gradients together, then serve with steamed jasmine rice.

Cashew nut cooker


Obviously, the cashew nut is the highlight in the dish, but do you know the raw cashew nut is toxic? Shuliy Machinery has invented and developed a whole cashew nut processing line to facilitate the cashew nut processing plant or restaurant serving Chinese food. Among them, the cashew nut steam cooker adopts the most advanced technology of digital temperature controller.

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