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Cashew in catering market

The current state of cashew nut as snack food in catering market is positive with it has widely favored by people all around the world. Cashew industry has made its way into international catering market for its added nutritious value of flourish content of poly-unsaturated fats, Vitamin C, antioxidant microelements. Moreover, its unique flavor of crunchy and creamy taste is the most prominent feature and it the direct reason for being appreciated by people across world.

Cashew production line

The cashew production invented and released by Shuliy Machinery is designed after numerous work on researches and laborious work of our researchers and engineers, it is of characteristics of large capacity, high efficiency, and long service life. Notably and combined work of all device in Shuliy’s cashew nut production line can improve the processing efficiency in a profound way comparing to the individual use of one or several machines of the production line.

Cashew nut classifier

The latest cashew classifier of large capacity

The cashew classifier invented and developed by Shuliy can process cashew nut or other nut of similar size efficiently. With its feature of large capacity and output while less energy consumption and labor-saving, it is the ideal machine for cashew processing of food factory of medium and grand scale.