Poisonous cashew nut shell and skinCashew native to Brazil now has made its way to India, Africa and south east Asia including Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and is also grown in Henan and Yunnan province in China. Cashew with tenacious vitality are nourish in tropical areas characterized by excessive sun exposition. Cashew nuts, along with hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds, are known as the four great nuts. However, the cashew processing method is hardly known by most of us.

High temperature fumigation

The green outer shell of fresh cashews hard and thick, is rich in toxic oil, which can lead to allergic symptoms, even life-threatening blistering reaction. Raw cashew nuts shall be processed in the boiler through high temperature fumigation exceeding 100 ℃, insecticide, disinfection and sterilization process.


Cashew nut cooker

Automatic drying machine

According to the characteristics of cashew nuts the drying parameters are set through PCL computer intelligent control system, which adopted by cashew nuts dryer. The cashew nut drying machine can dehydrate moisture content in cashew until the shell is cracked and the kernel and shell are slightly separated automatically. The dried shells through extraction can be used to make the auxiliary materials for paint, and the kernels will go through the subsequent processing.

The latest cashew drying cooking machine Shuliy invented is of large capacity, high working efficiency is widely used in cashew processing line across the world.