Drying machine


Dried food

To prolong the shelf life of food with its quality and taste remained, dried food is the traditional method widely adopted. The dried food, compared with the fresh juicy food is chewier in texture and is of intensive compact flavor than it used to be, meanwhile the nutrient remain intact. Obviously, for food drying is an ideal method for food preservation, along with the growing development of economy and people’s living standard, here calls for an advanced food dryer with large output.

Cashew nut drying machine


Maintenance of Shuliy’s food dryer

  1. Wipe the outer surface of the oven with a soft cloth to keep the oven clean, so as to prevent the surface coating from corrosion.
  2. The inner surface shall be cleaned frequently to prevent inner bladder from corrosive substances adherence thus influence the service life of the oven.
  3. The baking temperature shall not exceed the temperature specified.
  4. Do not block the air ducts and air holes to ensure normal air supply.
  5. Stop working immediately when hearing abnormal sound during baking. Check the motor and air impeller to avoid motor burning.
  6. After baking articles at high temperature, do not turn off master switch immediately. Turn off master switch after the heat is emitted, so as to avoid partial thermal deformation.
  7. The control cabinet must be overhauled regularly. After frequent use of electric thermal contactor, it should be replaced regularly to prevent burning and over cooked material.