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Current status of cashew

Although the output has increased in main production area in India, the price is still high with the unit price exceeding all-time high of $5 per pound, up to 5.35 ~ $5.35 / pound. The cashew yield annually 6 million ~ 7 million tons in India, has made it main cashew producer currently. Even if prices of cashew is soaring, demand for it remains promising. Moreover, even European retailers have raised cashew retail price, consumption in cashew market is still expanding. Therefore, here calls for an advanced cashew production line to facilitate the cashew processing, thus release the burden on cashew market.


Cashew nut drying machine


The fully automatic cashew nut dryer

The TZ hot air circulating dryer adopts high temperature resistant circulating fan, and through the powerful hot air heated by electric heat pipe or steam heat exchanger circulates in the chamber, which accelerate the heat circulation, thus improves the evaporation rate and shortens the drying time. The dryer is equipped with an automatic temperature control system with accurate controlling effect. Adjustable air controller provided can even temperature inside the chamber. Low noise and energy saving internal circulation fan adopted, with its stable performance, it can greatly reduce the noise and heat loss. The TZ series hot air circulating dryer developed by Shuliy Machinery is guaranteed is of high quality with clean and tidy operation.

Due to the wide use of cashew nut dryer, industries’ various requirements on the parameter of dyer, such as special material, steam heating, touch screen control, explosion-proof requirements, ultra-high temperature resistance, etc., customers shall consult with our sales staff before ordering. We will customize according to customers’ requirements.