Cashew as one of the popular nutritious nut snack is widely spread to most parts of the whole world. With its profound marketing value, more and more business man pay their attention on this merchandise, and consider this little kidney-shaped nut as their gold mineral well. But the cashew nut processing can be a laborious job. The traditional cashew processing cost too much of man-hour, and the products are made with deficiency in quality and in quantity of output. The cashew nut classifier designed and developed independently by Shuliy Machinery can solve the problem in a profound way.

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Shuliy’s cashew processing line includes, cashew nut cracker machine, cashew nut sorting classifier, cashew nut roasting machine. In this article, we will introduce you the automatic cashew sorting machine. The sorting machine, equipped with a sieving screen, is powered by electric. It can sieving cashew nut, walnut, and almond continuously. With high efficiency, low damage rate, low energy consumption with the cashew perfectly sorted, Shuliy’s cashew kernels classification using texture features, is widely used in large scaled cashew nut, Hawaii nut and almond producing factories, and is popular with customers at home and abroad.

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