After the cashew is crushed and shelled, the shell and the nuts are mixed together. In order to separate them, in the past, people depend on manpower, which is time-consuming and inefficient and can’t meet the great need of market.

Now, you can choose a cashew nut separator machine produced by Shuliy Machinery Company. It is automatic and only need one person to handle it. With high capacity and easy operation, it is popular among cashew nut processing manufacturers.

Cashew fruit separator machine
cashew fruit separator machine

The operation of cashew vibrate sieve is easy. First, you should dump the shell and cashew nuts produced from last step on the vibrate sieve. If you have a processing line connected with the cashew cracking and shelling machine, you can even save this step.

Then the shell and nuts will be sifted by the cashew vibrate sieve automatically. It has two outlets which are for shells and nuts respectively. According to vibration, with different weights and sizes, the shell and nuts would be separated accordingly. It can produce 1200 kilogram of nuts per hour which largely increase the capacity compared with manual separation.

In today’s world, productivity determines market position, so it is vital for cashew nut producers to have an automatic cashew processing line with high capacity. In Shuliy Machinery Company, with thoughtful service and abundant experiences, your needs will be satisfied.