Shuliy Machinery, as a professional one-stop manufactory enterprise, has its own research and invention engineering group and the manufacturing factors. The cashew nut processing line of Shuliy includes: cashew nut sorting machine, cashew nut backing machine, cashew nut cracking machine, and cashew nut kernel, shell separating machine, the combination use of these exclusive processing machines can improve the working efficiency of cashew nut producing profoundly. Also, these nut processing machine can be used separately for almond, Hawaii nut, walnut processing. In this article, we will introduce to you elaborately the working principles of cashew nut kernel and shell separator machine.

Cashew shell separator


The cashew nut separator machine are equipped with vibrating motor powered by electric, two layers, the upper hopper and the lower cashew shell outlet and cashew nut lower hopper. The vibrating working method Shuliy’s separator machine adopted is of stable vibrating rate and continuous work. The first step is pouring a certain quantity of cashew nuts with shells into the upper hopper, through which materials will be sent onto the first layer—the vibrating gridding screen, during this step, the kernels with smaller size will drop onto the second layer, while the cashew shells of bigger size than the kernel will be sent out by the side outlet. Therefore the complete separation is accomplished perfectly.

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