India as the largest cashew nut exporter has a long history of cashew nut planting, processing. However, except the toxic liquid cashew nut exuding during the peeling process, the traditional cashew cooking for peeling off the out layer is inclined to emit toxic smoke during the heating process. Therefore, there calls for an environmental friendly cashew nut production line with high efficiency, low energy consumption, large capacity, and large output. With high accuracy, cashew nut sieving machine (cashew nut vibrate separator) invented, designed and developed by Shuliy Machinery.

Cashew vibrate separator sifter for wholesale

The vibrating, sieving machine is arranged after process of the cashew crushing machine. Although it is large in output, capacity and with big footprint, the sieving machine can be operated by no more than one operator. The operating procedure is clear to see and the working method is easy to understand. The first step is to pour a certain quantity of raw materials of peeled cashew nuts and peels into the feeding hopper, then the mixture will be sent onto the sifter for continuously sieving to achieve a satisfied separating result. The final product Shuliy’s cashew machine processed is of neat appearance, damage free. After a long term use, Shuliy’s cashew nut peeler has won great appreciation from our customers at home and abroad.

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