After removing the shell of cashew, the shell and the kernel of cashew are mixed. In order to peel the skin of cashew nut next, the kernel must be separated form the toxic shell. Depend on people to finish this job is harmful and low efficient. Cashew shell and kernel separator can separate the shell and kernel at once. Its separating rate is high and can deal with at least 1200 kilogram cashew nuts per hour.

Cashew shell separator


Taking advantage of different gravity of shell and kernel, Cashew shell and kernel separator can separate shell and kernel swiftly. The machine has two layers. At first, the cashew nut and shell processed form the cashew shelling machine are fed on the top tier. According to the successive vibrate, different weight of cashew kernel and shell will be separated. The heavier nuts will drop to the second tier and be discharged while the lighter shell will stay on the top tier and be conveyed to the outlet and finally be discharged. The whole process only need one person to operate. If you buy this machine, your production will largely increase. Welcome to contact us and learn more information.