High capacity automatic cashew sheller:

The whole kernel rate after shelling is high, above 95%; One person can operate, high efficiency, save labor;It can be produced in a single machine, or it can be used in multiple production lines, which has high flexibility.
The equipment failure rate is low; There are a variety of output models to choose from capacity range from 350-400 kg/hour.

Hot-selling cashew nut shelling machine

Features of our cashew nut shelling machine:

1.high capacity and low noise. You can crack 6 .8 .10 , .12 , 14 cashew nuts and so on at the same time.

2.The cashew are manually fed one by one into the feed chute between the left and the right side of the shelling blades, and then pushed down by the push-type blades in motion up and down so as to complete the shelling work.

3.The proficiency of the workers contributes to the efficiency.

4.The cashew will be divided into 3~5 level according to the width, fit for different size of cashew.No matter small or big cashew can be processed by this machine, if the first grade can not open the cashew, the second will do, in the end all the cashew will be shelled finally.