Cashew shelling machine is  specialized in removing cashew nut shell.

Full production line is automatic,first separated cashew nuts into 3-5 grades(18 mm.20mm.22mm.24mm.26mm) by man work or machine,Feeding action is completed automatically. Simple operation and high efficiency makes it a good choice for processing cashew nuts.Cooked cashew nuts are cracked in automatic cashew nut shelling machines. A roller bearing is used to adjust the distance between rollers for cashew nuts in different size. The capacity of cashew nut shelling machine can reach 350 kg/h, and for cashew nut shelling line in 400 kg/h, we equip 2 shelling machines here.

Hot-selling cashew nut shelling machine

The machine is in the original automatic cashew shells machine, on the basis of independent research and development of a new generation of cashew nut shells open equipment, the equipment is completely solve the fruit shells machine production efficiency is low, low yield and poor safety, labor intensity big, can’t form rules about production and other shortcomings.The equipment has a large range of processing, the advantages of high yield and good security. After several users agreed that the machine is the ideal equipment of cashew nut shells open, is worth promoting.