This energy saving cashew nut shelling machine is mainly used for shelling the cashew,separating the cashew nut kernels from the outer shell. It can be used in food processing industry or the pretreatment of oil production plants.

Cashew cracking machine

Advantages Of Cashew Nut Shelling Machine:
1. Large capacity and has a large processing scope, with reasonable price.
2. High shelling rate,low damage rate.
3. Automatic and safe. It can be together with the cashew processing line.

Working principle of this cashew nuts sheller:
This machine for cracking cashew nuts is using a roller bearing to adjust the distance between the rollers, according to the size of cashew nuts processed. Based on stationary raw cashew nut and a simultaneous vertical and axial movement of blades, the cashew nuts are cracked and the shell are separated from the kernels.

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