This almond cashew shelling line is suitable for large production operations. With the advantages of shelling clean, high integrity, large capacity, easy to clean up, those almond procesing machines are ideal choice for large shelling enterprises to improve efficiency and reduce the cost.Almond shelling machine is one necessary shelling machine in almond processing factories. We offer different capacity350-400kg/h) to meet your demand. How can we crack cashew fully without breaking inner kernel?  The low damage effect can be achieved by Shuliy’s cashew shelling machine.

Cashew shelling machine
Working Principle of Almond Cracking Machine Line:
1, The cashew, almond or hazelnut through the hoist into the screening equipment, and then these nuts are divided into several levels according to the size of raw materials, through diving hopper respectively into three almond shell cracking machine.
2, Almond shelling machine: The shelling clearance of huller is adjusted to corresponding size according to the size of raw material almond, achieve nut shell clean and complete, shell and kernel respectively into three almond shell kernel separator.
3, Almond shell and kernel separator divides the shell and the kernell, it’s a mouth out of the nuts, another mouth out of shell.

Application of Almond Processing Machine: Suitable for Processing apricot(almond), hazelnut, palm, etc.

This hot selling machine also have larger capacity , welcome to inquiry.