Functional and structure:
The cashew shelling machine adopts flow working principle of roller, tooth, rotor and roller. The rotor propel the spiral tooth roller to squeeze and rub the kernel and shell with each other and be separated by air separation. The function of suction air separation realize thorough separate without impurities mixed in with the exclusive double screen filter adopted. The power supply can be one-phase motor or gasoline engine.
Operation method:
1.Adjust the adjusting rod at both ends of the upper cover of frame according to the cashew size, so as to adjust the spacing between the main rollers.
2.Power on, and after the normal operation of the machine, add cashew in to begin shelling.

Hot-selling cashew nut shelling machine

Safety precautions:
1. Before operation, read the operation manual, and acquaint with the machine performance, structure and operation method.
2. The motor must be grounded reliably and equipped with overload protection device. Connect external power supply with the conductor section larger than 6 square meters.
3. After ensuring operation environment safety, and being idled for 2-3 minutes the machine can be started up avoiding impurities be put into working chamber.
4. It is strictly prohibited to mix metal, stone and other objects into shelling chamber.
5. During the operation, the feeding amount should be appropriately adjusted, while too much may lead to overload shutdown and too little may affect the production efficiency.
6. During operation, if abnormal sounds are found, stop the machine immediately for inspection. But it is strictly prohibited to troubleshoot or open the cover when the machine is in operation.