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Cashew nut sheller machine in Nigeria

Cashew nut sheller machine could crack the hard shells of cashew nuts and keep the whole kernels so the nut could better process in the next snack and food plant. Although Nigeria’s contribution to the supply of cashews exceeds that of Africa as a whole, less than 10% of cashews are processed locally.

How cashew shelling machine works?

There are three types of cashew cracking machines. And you may be curious about how cashew shelling machine works. Manual cashew shelling machine Semi-automatic cashew sheller Automatic cashew cracking machine The following paragraphs will describe how to use these three types of machines. Manual cashew shelling machine The machine consists of two blades. Put raw […]

Why not see cashew nuts in shell sold?

When buying nuts, many people like to buy cashew because they don’t need to be peeled. The walnuts must be clamped by the door, and the macadamia nuts need a shell opener. Even if it is a peanut, you have to take a lot of effort to peel the shell. But why are there no […]

How Much Is Cashew Nut Shelling Machine Maintenance

1, the cashew nut shelling machine adopts triangular belt drive. After belt of large cashew peel machine has been used for a period of time will gradually become flabby due to the action of pull force, adjustment shall be paid according to the manual, tighten wiredrawing and tensioning wheel of each part. 2, for the […]

Cashew Cracking Open Shelling Machine Outlet

Functional and structure: The cashew shelling machine adopts flow working principle of roller, tooth, rotor and roller. The rotor propel the spiral tooth roller to squeeze and rub the kernel and shell with each other and be separated by air separation. The function of suction air separation realize thorough separate without impurities mixed in with […]

Cashew Production Line Supplier in Africa.

  Due to the characteristics of cashew nuts, the most primitive manual processing mode to shell cashew nuts is as follows: Dry: dry raw cashew nuts for 2 to 3 days until the water content drops to a required level. Cooking: steaming and dried raw cashews. Dehulling: manually operate the shell opener, which consists of […]

Automatic cashew cracking shelling machine in India

  Cashew nut’s outer layer is shell, the inner layer is nuts, with outside a membrane called the skin. Fresh cashew nut shell closely combined with nuts is hard to be separated, and its liquid (also called cashew shell oil) is characterized by its corrosive feature, once contact with human skin it will cause allergic […]

Cashew Cracking Shelling Machine with Reliable Supplier

  Shuliy machinery co., LTD., located in Zhengzhou, Henan province, is a leading professional food machinery manufacturer integrating R&D and manufacturing, direct selling with after-sales service. The company has long been committed to the research and development of various technological equipment and automatic production line, including peeling, screening, steaming, etc., to provide various quality food […]

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