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What factors affect the price of cashew separator machine?

The cashew separator machine is to separate cashew shells from cashew nuts after shelling cahsew nuts. This machine is a part of the cashew nut production line and it can also use alone. It not only can separate cashew but also other nuts, like peanuts, almonds. The price of cashew separator is influenced by many […]

Working Process of the Vibrate Cashew Sieving Machine

  The problem solved by the new model of vibrate sieving machine for cashew nuts, is it can effectively remove the scrap and skins from cashew nuts by the vibration of the sieve body. In order to solve the technical problems, the new version of sieving machine adopts the technical methods including a screening device […]

High Quality Cashew Sieving Machine on Sale

Characteristics (1) High screening efficiency Because the equipment is equipped with a plate-type screening mechanism. In the screening process, no matter how sticky, wet and miscellaneous the raw materials it process, the screen is not easy to be blocked under the function of the powerful relative motion between the screen and the enclosure, thus improving […]

Efficient Method to Separate Cashew Shell and Kernels

Traditional cashew processing method Cashew nut, also be known as the “wonder nuts”, has received popularity from people leading a healthy life all around the world, India as the biggest cashew producer, processor, exporter is with an estimated annual production of about 4.60 lakh tonnes of raw cashew nut. It has the potential to provide […]

Fully Automatic Double-layer Cashew Nut Shell Separator on Sale

Established by 2000, Shily Machinery is one of the most prominent leading manufacturers across China. Shuliy has specialist group for development, design of Shuliy’s advanced products. Shuliy Machinery has its agricultural and catering machine production line, including cashew nut, walnut, sacha inchi processing line. Shuliy is famous for its endeavored service, superior craftsman spirit offering […]

Cashew Vibrate Separator Sifter for Wholesale

India as the largest cashew nut exporter has a long history of cashew nut planting, processing. However, except the toxic liquid cashew nut exuding during the peeling process, the traditional cashew cooking for peeling off the out layer is inclined to emit toxic smoke during the heating process. Therefore, there calls for an environmental friendly […]

Double-layer Cashew Nut Kernel Shell Separator

Shuliy Machinery, as a professional one-stop manufactory enterprise, has its own research and invention engineering group and the manufacturing factors. The cashew nut processing line of Shuliy includes: cashew nut sorting machine, cashew nut backing machine, cashew nut cracking machine, and cashew nut kernel, shell separating machine, the combination use of these exclusive processing machines […]

How to sorting cashew nuts efficiently

Cashew as one of the popular nutritious nut snack is widely spread to most parts of the whole world. With its profound marketing value, more and more business man pay their attention on this merchandise, and consider this little kidney-shaped nut as their gold mineral well. But the cashew nut processing can be a laborious […]

cashew shell and kernel separator

After removing the shell of cashew, the shell and the kernel of cashew are mixed. In order to peel the skin of cashew nut next, the kernel must be separated form the toxic shell. Depend on people to finish this job is harmful and low efficient. Cashew shell and kernel separator can separate the shell […]

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