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What factors affect the price of cashew dryer?

The cashew nut dryer is mainly used to dry cashew nuts to obtain a better peeling effect. The customer can choose the tray dryers, box drying rooms, or continuous mesh belt dryers according to their output requirements. These dryers all can dry cashew nuts and can get a good drying effect. So, what is the […]

Hot Air Circulation Food, Experimental, Industrial Dryer

Hot air circulation oven air circulation system adopts fan circulating air supply method guaranteeing the uniform and efficient air circulation. The air source is driven by the circulating air supply motor (using the contactless switch) through the heater, then sent out through the air duct to the inner chamber of the oven, then the used […]

Reliable Cashew Nut Dryer Vendor

Standard for dried fruit: when dried nuts collide with each other, they sound crisp, when cracked open, its membrane can be easily broken, and its kernels are crisp. At room temperature, the average moisture content of nuts with relative humidity of 60% is 8%, with membrane is about 4% to facilitate nuts reaching the dried […]

How to Operation Cashew Dryer

There are various food production lines. Some of them can help us deal with food raw materials more conveniently. Some can help change the taste of food and make it tasty. Perhaps we know barely know about food dryer, but this article can get us learn about it who can facilitate food drying procedure, which […]

Debugging of Large Multi-layer Cashew Dryer Vegetable Drying Machine

  Although the multi-layer cashew dryer is efficient and energy-saving, there will be failures in the actual operation. What we do is to find out the fault cause and eliminate them, thus making the maximum use of multi-layer cashew dryer. Therefore, choose the multi-layer cashew dryer with advanced and qualified configuration. The multi-layer cashew dryer […]

Large vegetable cashew nut drying machine for whole sale

  The materials in the hopper of the large cashew drying machine are uniformly spread on the mesh belt by the feeder through the conveyor belt. The mesh made of 12-60 stainless steel is driven by the transmission device in the dryer. The drying section is comprised of several independent hot air circulation units, in […]

Introduction of Cashew Nut Dryer for Whole Sale

  Cashew is native to Brazil and has since spread to India, Africa and south-east Asia in Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Indonesia, and is also grown in Hainan and Yunnan provinces, China. Cashew nuts are inclined to be nourished in the sunshiny tropical areas with high temperature, they are of tenacious vitality. Cashew nuts and […]

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