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How is cashew graded?

Before packaging and selling cashew nuts on the market, we usually have to grade them. In this post, I will introduce how the cashew kernel grader works and how is cashew graded. The first thing we need to understand is how many grades cashews. Five grades of cashew kernel There are two standards for cashew […]

Automatic Cashew Nut Classify Machine for Sale

During the whole cashew nut processing, the cashew nut shelling is always where the highlight lays. While, the de-shelling effect is mostly depend on the last procedure—cashew nut sorting, grading, classifying process, due to the cracking rate, efficiency depend on the cracking force applying on the raw material, the uniform de-shelling force is highly required. […]

Labor-saving cashew nut classify machine

In developing countries like Vietnam and India, work of shelling and classifying cashew nuts are all completed by manpower. One reason is that they have enough labor, the other reason is that they have low level of mechanization. First, cashew shell and skin is poisonous and they can erode people’s skin. Even workers always wear […]

Professional cashew nut classify machine

Do you notice that cashew nuts we see on the market is of the same size? Is this job done by manpower? If you think so, you are wrong. How can people finish such a tremendous work? We have professional machine to help us, that is cashew nut classify machine. After all the necessary process […]

working principle of cashew classify machine

Before cashew processing, we should make sure that all the cashews are even on the same size, but this work is fastidious and boring. So we’d better seek for machine’s help. The cashew classify machine produced by Shuliy Machinery Company is highly automatic and can save the lots of cost of labor. Here, I’d like […]

High efficiency cashew nut classifying machine

This machine comprises a rack, several grading rollers and a feeding hopper. The grading roller is arranged on the rack. The grading roller and the horizontal plane are inclined at an angle of sharp angle, and above the grading roller, a feeding hopper is arranged which is fixed on the rack, and at the end of the grading roller, there is […]

cashew classifier made in China

Cashew, as one of the four most famous dried nuts, is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for people’s health. So cashew snacks are increasingly popular around the world. And requirement for cashew processing machine correspondingly increase. Cashew machinery can be seen in many countries, but in China, cashew machinery are relatively […]

labor-saving cashew classify machine

As people’s increasing concern for health, the consumption of nuts is becoming more and more fashionable. Cashew, thanks to its kidney-shape appearance, especially gets people’s affection. In supermarket, we can see all kinds of snacks related to cashew nuts. Since it is profitable, there is a huge market all over the world. Responding to such […]

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