Do you notice that cashew nuts we see on the market is of the same size? Is this job done by manpower? If you think so, you are wrong. How can people finish such a tremendous work? We have professional machine to help us, that is cashew nut classify machine. After all the necessary process to make cashew capable of sending to market, we have one more step to complete, that is classify cashew nuts of varied size for standardized sale.

Professional cashew nut classify machine

This machine called cashew nut classifier. It can classify cashew nuts into different sizes. Different from other nuts classifier, since cashew nuts’ specific shape, using traditional nuts classifier will cause cashew nuts stuck which is low efficient and the cashew nut is prone to be broken. However, our professional cashew nut classifying machine is specialized in classifying cashew nuts. The machine is composed of shelf, graded roller and feeding inlet. The graded roller is on the shelf and keep a acute angle of inclination from the ground which is easy for the nut discharging. It can produce at least 400 kilogram cashew nuts per hour which can meet large capacity production. Welcome to inquiry us.