In developing countries like Vietnam and India, work of shelling and classifying cashew nuts are all completed by manpower. One reason is that they have enough labor, the other reason is that they have low level of mechanization.

Labor-saving cashew nut machine

First, cashew shell and skin is poisonous and they can erode people’s skin. Even workers always wear protective gloves, after a long-term working, their hands would be eroded. This is harmful for their health. Secondly, shelling and classifying cashew nut depend on manpower is low efficient since it can’t meet the market’s large demand. A cashew nut shelling machine can finish four hundred cashew nuts one hour while the same capacity asks for large number of people and time which is wasteful. In China, there are hundreds of factories producing cashew equipment. Shuliy Machinery Company is one of the most professional company which export cashew processing machines overseas. Welcome to consult us!