As people’s increasing concern for health, the consumption of nuts is becoming more and more fashionable. Cashew, thanks to its kidney-shape appearance, especially gets people’s affection. In supermarket, we can see all kinds of snacks related to cashew nuts. Since it is profitable, there is a huge market all over the world. Responding to such need, Shuliy Machinery equipment co. LTD researches a set of equipment for handling cashew which consists of classifier, cooker, shelling and cracking machine, shell separator, dryer, peeling machine and sieving machine.

Labor saving classify machine
Traditional way of classifying cashew requires lots of manpower. This job is very tedium, and once the output demand increases, it will cost a lot of manpower cost. So here comes the need for cashew classify machine. Only one person is needed to handle cashew classify machine. What people need to do is just put the raw materials into the roller, then as the roller running, cashew of different size will drop into corresponding mesh and finally come out from each outlet. This could not only largely save time and manpower and finally decrease the production cost, and on the other hand, cashew classify machine can adjust to the requirement of high capacity and thus in favor of occupying a dominant position in the market.