This machine comprises a rack, several grading rollers and a feeding hopper. The grading roller is arranged on the rack. The grading roller and the horizontal plane are inclined at an angle of sharp angle, and above the grading roller, a feeding hopper is arranged which is fixed on the rack, and at the end of the grading roller, there is a hopper. The grading roller from top to bottom set up at least two layers.

High efficiency cashew nut classifying machine

The speed and the gap between the two rollers can be controlled. At first, the gap between the two rollers are narrow so as to let the relatively small cashew drop and discharged from the outlet from the lower tier, but at this time, the large one can;t drop down and they would continuously move forward as the roller rolling. When the gap get wider and wider, the larger cashew will be discharged from the outlet on top tier. Thus the small and large cashew will be separated at once. In addition, each tier has two sets of rollers, two as one set. They can work simultaneously to increase the work efficiency and capacity. We have exported this cashew nut classifying machine to many African countries and received lots of good feedback. We are definitely a good choice for you when selecting cashew nut classifying machine.