Before cashew processing, we should make sure that all the cashews are even on the same size, but this work is fastidious and boring. So we’d better seek for machine’s help. The cashew classify machine produced by Shuliy Machinery Company is highly automatic and can save the lots of cost of labor. Here, I’d like to introduce the working principle of cashew classify machine for you.

Cashew classifier made in china 副本


The cashew classify machine is mainly composed of the shelf, the large roller and other fittings, of which the roller is the main part for its  function of classifying cashews. When the machine run, the raw materials feeding into the roller will move forward as the roller rotating. There is a magical design about the roller. The roller has several parts of different size mesh so as to the cashew of different size can drop from the corresponding mesh and finally be discharged from the different outlet. The roller and the mesh can be customized into three or five parts of different size according to varied needs. With this cashew classify machine, you can get rid of the heavy work of classifying cashews. Come and contact with us. During Superseptember, you can get a huge discount on Alibaba international space station.