Cashew, as one of the four most famous dried nuts, is rich in antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that are essential for people’s health. So cashew snacks are increasingly popular around the world. And requirement for cashew processing machine correspondingly increase. Cashew machinery can be seen in many countries, but in China, cashew machinery are relatively cheap and durable since owning to demographic dividend and abundant natural resources, China spend less on labor and material. Each year, there are tremendous machine exporting to other countries which cause Chinese machine earning a good reputation in the world.

Cashew classifier made in china

Shuliy Machinery equipment co. LTD establishing in year of 2000, has much experience in dealing with foreign customers. We have exported to the United States, Russia, Australia, Mongolia, India, Canada, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries. Cashew classifier, as a popular machine in recent years, is highly needed in many countries. In China, there are thousands of machinery plants making cashew classifier, most of them are with high quality and reasonable price. Cashew classifier consist of roller, grading mesh, chassis and other components. It is mainly used for grading varied size of cashew nuts, generally divided into three levels, according to the width of the mesh. Of course, customer can customize according to their need.