Cashew nut classify machine

Machine instruction

Cashew nut classify machine independently developed by our company is a machine specially designed for cashew nut grading. It can be divided into different specifications of nuts, and the nutrients are intact and easy to operate.





Cashew nut classify machine is mainly used for the classification of cashew nuts. The difference in growth size of cashew nuts is uneven, and is generally divided into three grades. It consists of three layers of volumes. The size of the nut is separated by adjusting the gap between each roller and the roller.


1. Cashew nut classify machine operation is simple, and one person can complete the operation.

2. Reasonable design and exquisite structure. Small footprint.

3. Large output and high noise, one year warranty.


Model Capacity voltage size weight power
TZ-100 400 kg/h 380 v 2.3*0.8*1.6 m 180 kg 1.1 kw


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