Through the joint efforts of our R & D personnel, our brand new Sl-100 automatic cashew shelling machine has finally come to market. The machine is in the original automatic cashew shells machine, on the basis of independent research and development of a new generation of cashew nut shells open equipment, the equipment completely solves the fruit shells machine production efficiency is low, low yield and poor safety, labor intensity big, can’t form rules about production and other shortcomings. The equipment has a large range of processing, the advantages of high yield, and good security. After several users agreed that the machine is the ideal equipment for cashew nut shells open, is worth promoting.

Cashew sheller sold to sri lanka
cashew sheller sold to Sri Lanka

Driven by a servo motor, Sl-100 features high shelling efficiency, high capacity, and stable performance. This automatic cashew shelling machine is a new product developed by our factory. It is high-efficient, energy-saving, and high-yield.

Sl-100 will be displayed at the annual meeting of African Agriculture Meeting. We sincerely welcome all the customers and potential customers who come to visit and place orders!