Cashew nuts are native planted in northeastern Brazil and less than 10 degrees south latitude. Cashew is introduced to Asia and Africa in sixteenth Century and now has spread across East African and South Asian countries. India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique and Tanzania have the largest cashew nut planting area in the world. In China, cashew nuts are mainly distributed in Hainan and Yunnan. Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan are also introduced. And currently, the cashew snacks are popular among young people with their high nutrition values.


Multiple models cashew drying machine

Respond to such a wide market, cashew processing machines are produced accordingly. In Shuliy Machinery Company, there are multiple models cashew drying machine for customers’ various capacities. The drying machine adopts a high temperature resistant circulating fan, and the forced hot air heated by the electric heating tube or steam heat exchanger is circulated in the box.  The heat transfer is enhanced, the evaporation rate of water is increased and the drying time is shortened. Cashew nut dryer is equipped with an automatic temperature control system to control temperature accurately. An adjustable air distribution board is arranged in the box, and the temperature inside the box is even. The use of low noise and energy-saving built-in circulating fan, the operation balance, greatly reduced the noise and heat loss of the equipment, air inlet with air filter, marking the wetting device.

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