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How to start cashew nut processing business

Cashew nuts are rich in all kinds of nutrition and they are extremely tasty after processing. Thus, this kind of nut is popular in the market. However, at the same time, the cost of cashew nut is high for the complex production steps, especially for its toxic shells.  The expensive market price attracts many people to start cashew plants. And about starting cashew nut processing business, what do we need to know?

World Class Cashew Nut Production Line provided by Chinese Supplier

  Cashew nuts and walnuts, pine nuts, hazelnut are all honored as the world ” Four Nuts” by consumers, cashew nuts rich in nutrients with taste and good flavor, can be produced into subsidiary cashew snack of various flavors, such as butter cashew nuts, plain cashews, spicy cashews, salty cashew nuts, honey cashew nuts, etc., […]

The latest cashew product line on sale of China supplier

  Brief introduction of cashew nut Cashew is native to America, who is rich nutritional value. Cashew can ingredient for cuisine cooking, and also can be applied medicinally. Its edible part is the kidney-shaped part that grows at the bottom of false fruit, it can grow up to about 25 millimeter, when raping it turns […]

Cashew nut processing machine suppliers

Cashew, known as its kidney-shape appearance, is believed by people that it is beneficial for our health. In recent years, more and people get interested in cashew nut. However, in China, cashew nuts are only distributed in Hainan, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan. The cashew snacks we see in supermarket mostly are imported from […]