Tanzania is one of the largest cashew nut producers in Africa. With the increase in demand in the Asian and Middle Eastern markets, Tanzania has gradually established the industrialized production of cashew nuts. The cashew nut production line simplifies the cashew nut processing, making the cashew nut processing more convenient. Industrialized production allows cashew nut processing plants to process cashew nuts in large quantities. Therefore, in recent years, the demand for cashew nut processing machines has gradually increased. Recently, we exported a small cashew nut processing plant to Tanzania.

Machines included in the cashew nut production line

Cashew processing machines in cashew processing plant
Cashew Processing Machines In Cashew Processing Plant

The cashew nut production line mainly processes raw cashews into shelled cashews. It has mainly gone through the steps of grading, cooking, peeling, separating the shell and kernel, drying, peeling, baking, and packaging. The machines included in the cashew nut production line mainly correspond to each of the above steps. Therefore, the cashew nut production line mainly includes classifiers, steaming machines, cashew nut peeling machines, shell and kernel separators, dryers, cashew peeling machines, baking machines, packaging machines, and other machines.

Order details for the cashew nut processing machines in Tanzania

Cashew nut processing
Cashew Nut Processing

The Tanzanian customer bought a small cashew nut production line for his cashew nut processing plant. Due to limited funds, the Tanzanian customer purchased a classifier, peeling machine, shell and kernel separator, peeling machine, and packaging machine. The other steps are operated through other alternative equipment or natural air drying steps. All cashew processing machines purchased by the Tanzanian customer were installed before leaving the factory, so the customer can start using them after receiving the machines. Since Tanzania uses 230V voltage, we modified the voltage of all machines to 230V for him according to the customer’s requirements. All cashew processing machines purchased by this customer are packed in wooden boxes and shipped to Tanzanian ports by sea.

Why Tanzania customers buy cashew nut processing plant?

Large production of cashew nuts

Cashew processing plant in tanzania
Cashew Processing Plant In Tanzania

Tanzania is one of the largest cashew nut producers in Africa. And Tanzania exports more than 350,000 tons of raw cashew nuts every year. But because of the weak industrial productivity in Tanzania, a large amount of cashew nut raw materials are exported to India every year. After peeling in India, it is exported to the United States and Europe. In this way, Tanzania’s profits have been greatly reduced. Therefore, in order to protect local profits, West African countries called for speeding up the processing capacity of cashew nuts. Therefore, the Tanzanian customer purchased the cashew nut production line in order to speed up the cashew nut processing and obtain profit from it.

The cashew machine is easy to operate with high capacity

Manual processing cashew nuts with low efficient
Manual Processing Cashew Nuts With Low Efficient

The customer bought a cashew nut production line of approximately 100kg/h. Compared with the previous manual processing, the processing capacity of the cashew nut production line is greatly increased. Moreover, the cashew nuts processed by the mechanized cashew machine are more thorough, and it reduces harm to personnel. It is very simple to operate the automatic cashew nut processing machine, and the operator only needs to turn on the machine to make the machine run.