About cashew nut processing line Venezuela, in June this year, a customer from Venezuela ordered cashew machines of Shuliy. And our staff introduced the production line to him in detail. The cashew nut production line mainly processes raw cashew nuts into roasted cashew. The nuts go through the steps of cleaning, grading, cooking, shelling, separating the shell and kernel, peeling, classifying, and roasting. The machines included in the cashew nut production line mainly correspond to each of the above steps, including cashew cleaning machine, cashew nut grading machine, cashew cooking machine, cashew shelling machine, cashew shell, and kernel separator, cashew peeling machine, cashew kernel classifying machine and cashew roasting machine.

Order details for the cashew nut processing machines in Venezuela

Our selling staff recommended our cashew processing machines to the customer clearly. In the whole communication process, our staff answered all the customer’s questions vividly. And for the focused output, we provided customized service, making a specific cashew cooking machine and cashew nut dryer for him. And our staff also accompanied the customer visiting the machine manufacturer to get more details about cashew machines. In the final payment stage, the customer met some problems with foreign exchange restrictions。 And our staff also solved it as soon as possible.

All cashew processing machines purchased by the Venezuelan customer were installed before leaving the factory. So the customer can start using them after receiving the machine. All cashew processing machines are packed in wooden boxes and shipped to Venezuelan ports by sea.

After finishing shipping the cashew processing machines to the customer, we kept focused on any questions and provided careful after-sales service.

Why do Venezuelan customers buy cashew nut processing plants?

The customer bought a cashew nut production line of approximately 100kg/h. Compared with the previous manual processing, the processing capacity of the cashew nut processing line is greatly increased. Moreover, the cashew nuts processed by the mechanized cashew machine are more thorough, and it reduces harm to personnel. It is very simple to operate the automatic cashew nut processing machine, and the operator only needs to turn on the machine.

Cashew nut processing line
Cashew Nut Processing Line Venezuela