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How cashew shelling machine works?

There are three types of cashew cracking machines. And you may be curious about how cashew shelling machine works. Manual cashew shelling machine Semi-automatic cashew sheller Automatic cashew cracking machine The following paragraphs will describe how to use these three types of machines. Manual cashew shelling machine The machine consists of two blades. Put raw […]

How does the cashew nut cooker work?

The cashew cooking machine has two heating methods: steam heating or electric heating. An automatic temperature control system and specially designed components ensure uniform water temperature. With an all-stainless steel sandwich insulation structure, good rigidity, and low heat loss, it is the first choice for nut processing equipment. According to the heating method, it includes […]

How is cashew graded?

Before packaging and selling cashew nuts on the market, we usually have to grade them. In this post, I will introduce how the cashew kernel grader works and how is cashew graded. The first thing we need to understand is how many grades cashews. Five grades of cashew kernel There are two standards for cashew […]

What is the cashew grading machine price?

The cashew nut grader machine is the first cashew processing line. And the price of cashew grading machines is most customers’ focus. About sorting cashew nuts, there is a detailed introduction in the former product article. This post mainly talks about the reasons, benefits, and cost of sorting cashew. Reasons for sorting cashew nuts Firstly, […]