The cashew nut grader machine is the first cashew processing line. And the price of cashew grading machines is most customers’ focus. About sorting cashew nuts, there is a detailed introduction in the former product article. This post mainly talks about the reasons, benefits, and cost of sorting cashew.

Cashew sorting machine
Raw Cashew Sorting Machine

Reasons for sorting cashew nuts

Firstly, after workers pick up these nuts from trees, all sizes of cashew are mixed. It is not easy for machines to process large and small cashew nuts at the same time. Without grading steps, in the following steps, the machine cannot work efficiently. And cashew nuts may be destroyed.

Secondly, you may pay attention to the cashew nuts sold in the market. Cashew nuts of different sizes are sold at distinct prices. And those cashew with full shape and good quality are expensive. The market price decides the grading process.

Benefits of grading cashew nuts

After getting knowledge of the reasons for sorting cashew, you may easily infer the benefits.

  • Be efficient

It facilitates the next processing of cracking and separating. And cashew nuts could be more possible to maintain intact.

  • Raise price

Grading realizes large and whole cashew sold at a high price. So the sorting is a value-added step.

Factors affecting the cashew grader cost

Since raw cashew grading machines can be customized according to cashew sizes, the price will fluctuate slightly. It is usually divided into 3 to 5 grades. A machine with 3 grades will cost differently compared to that with 5 grades, which is based on the machine size. Basically, the grades range from 18 mm to 26mm but customers could also send the size what they want to the seller. Anyway, there is not a definite price for the grader machine, and customers could decide the machine what they want and discuss the price later.

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