During the whole cashew nut processing, the cashew nut shelling is always where the highlight lies. While, the de-shelling effect mostly depends on the last procedure—cashew nut sorting, cashew grading, and classifying process, due to the cracking rate, and efficiency depending on the cracking force applied on the raw material, the uniform de-shelling force is highly required. Therefore, only cashew nuts with similar equal sizes can realize the perfect cashew nut decorticating procedure. Moreover, the quality and output rate of a cashew kernel grading machine is strictly required, and the serving time shall be long with high efficiency so that the owner can utilize it to fulfill its commercial use. The cashew nut classifying the machine invented and developed by Shuliy is characterized by its durable use, low energy consumption, small grounding area, and favorable price.

Cashew kernel grading machine
cashew kernel grading machine

Model TZ-100 cashew kernel grading machine can produce cashew nuts of about 400kg/h. With easy operation and high capacity. Shuliy’s automatic cashew kernel grading machine is widely praised by their customers at home and abroad especially. Our pioneering agricultural products research center, state-grading professional lab, and advanced flexible assembly line make us superior to our domestic rivals.

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