Before packaging and selling cashew nuts on the market, we usually have to grade them. In this post, I will introduce how the cashew kernel grader works and how is cashew graded. The first thing we need to understand is how many grades cashews.

Five grades of cashew kernel

There are two standards for cashew nut grades: W and B. W stands for the whole, which means whole cashew nuts. And B represents broken, which means broken cashew kernels, which are also used for food production and retail, and the price will be lower.

I mainly introduce the five common W grade cashews, which are W-180, W-210, W-240, W-320, and W-450. 180 means 180 nos cashew nuts per pound.W-180 is the largest and the most expensive and it is called the “King of Cashew Nuts”. W-210 is also relatively large and the price is quite high, but it is a bit smaller than W-180. W-240 is a medium cashew nut with a complete shape, a slightly smaller size, and a reasonable price. W-320 is the most common cashew nut on the market. W-450 is the cheapest cashew nut, with the smallest size and the lowest price. It is the most popular.

After understanding the different sizes and grades of cashew nuts, it will be easier to understand how the kernel grading machine works.

How the machine grade cashew

Cashew nut kernel grading machines are commonly three layers. In every layer, there are four rollers, and the machine grades by adjusting the distance between rollers. The wide gap could select greater cashew kernels while a narrow gap selects smaller cashew kernels. Of course, customers can also send the cashew nut grades that they want to the manufacturer, who can customize the machine according to the customer’s requirements. Since the machines are automatic, they are relatively simple to operate, leaving fewer points for me to explain. Through reading this article, some customers may get how is cashew graded.

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