Poisonous cashew nut shell and skin
Tanzania’s government plans to establish cashew processing plants in Mukuranga, Mtwara and Tunduru to solve the problem of insufficient unprocessed or value-added cashew nuts for export and for creating jobs, the Daily News of Tanzania reported on July 2th. Cashews are considered as a crop characterized by economic value and one of potential crop as the major crops in sub-saharan Africa in the years to come. Tanzania produces 260, 000 tons of cashews per year and they will produce 300, 000 tons of raw cashews in next quarter, creating about 80, 000 jobs. According to data last quarter, India, China and Vietnam were the biggest importers of cashews in Tanzania, with the price, except domestic transport and storage costs, at 4,000 shillings a kilo.

The lead researcher of the African cashews project suggested that the Tanzanian cashew processing industry failed to make full use of the economic value of cashews and needed to learn from the experience of other countries, in terms of cashews selling. Cashew cracks can be made into butter, pasta and powder; the cashew shell is used to produce cashew shell liquid (CNLS), which is used in manufacturing brake pads, perfume, ant killer and lubricant for vehicle parts; Cashew juice is rich in vitamin C, and the fruit can be used for wine brewing.