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What is the cashew grading machine price?

The cashew nut grader machine is the first cashew processing line. And the price of cashew grading machines is most customers’ focus. About sorting cashew nuts, there is a detailed introduction in the former product article. This post mainly talks about the reasons, benefits, and cost of sorting cashew. Reasons for sorting cashew nuts Firstly, […]

Large Capacity 400 kg/h Cashew Nut Grading Machine on Sale

  Scope of application Dry fruit is the dehydrated ripped nuts, our country has a variety of dry fruits, include walnut, melon seed, pine kernel, lotus seed, almond, raisin, hazelnut, ginkgo, jujube, chestnut, peanut, for which contain a lot of protein and vitamin, it is the food that favored by customers. At present, large size […]

Industrial Cashew Classifier in Production Line

  Cashew in catering market The current state of cashew nut as snack food in catering market is positive with it has widely favored by people all around the world. Cashew industry has made its way into international catering market for its added nutritious value of flourish content of poly-unsaturated fats, Vitamin C, antioxidant microelements. […]

Cashews nut size classification using a novel machine

With the rapid development of economy in China, people’s living standard has improved profoundly, along with the catering industry, including snack food, Chinese cuisine, and western cuisine. People who live a better life are leading a healthy lifestyle, thus nuts with rich nutrition contents won appreciation from its customers from whole world. Cashew nut as […]

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