Effects of cashew nuts

The nutrients cashew nuts contain are mainly fat and protein. The fat is mainly unsaturated fatty acid, which plays the vital role in relieving constipation, moisturizing skin, and is of great importance in preventing cardiovascular diseases. The proteins are comprised of a variety of amino acids can complement the function of fat. That is to say, the cashew with the grain can complement a variety of amino acids to human body, and is very beneficial to human health. Of course, there are many vitamins in cashew nuts. Such as:

  1. Vitamin A contained in cashew nuts is a good antioxidant, which can delay skin aging and make skin healthy and dewy.
  2. The vitamin B contained in cashew nuts is indispensable for body development and can effectively prevent vitamin B deficiency.
  3. Vitamin E contained in cashew nuts can delay aging.

Cashew nut cooker

How to cook cashew fried shrimp

  1. Ingredients: shrimp, cashew, edamame, carrot.
  2. Marinate the shrimp in sauce with salt and pepper, cooking wine and salt for 15 minutes. Cook the edamame and drain in cool water. Put the cashew nuts in the hot pot of cold oil and keep turning it with turner. Turn off the heat when cashew turns yellow. Put the fried cashew nuts on the oil-absorbing paper to remove the remaining oil from the pan.
  3. Directly put the edamame and carrot into pan for stir-frying. Add the shrimps, and sprinkle with salt and pepper in when shrimps change color.
  4. Turn off the heat and dish up.


Advanced cashew cooking machine

The cashew nut cooker developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Shuli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized equipment for cooking cashew nuts and the like.