Cashew nut processing can be a laborious work without proper preprocessing of the cashew nut peel. The out layer of cashew nut, which characterized with viscidity and with certain thickness, is hard to peel off without going through any preprocessing. The cashew cooking, as known as cashew nut steam cooker invented and developed independently by Shuliy’s (the first-classChinese manufacturer, supplier of cashew nut processing machine) experts recently. The cooking machine is of the features oflow energy consumption, small foot print, noise free, air pollution free, and is easy to operate by no more than one operator.

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The cashew steam cooker TZJ-10 equipped with large capacity and output, adopts the working principle of high temperature steaming method with temperature controlling system. The operation starts from water injection to the lower filling pipe, then with the multi-layer plates evenly loaded with cashew nuts, then turn on the starting switch to start the steam cooking procedure. The out layer of the cashew nut will be separated from the kernel under high temperature.     The steam vapor will emitted through outlet. This is the initial step of cashew nut processing line, through which, a small space between out layer and kernel, therefore facilitate the next step of cashew nut peeling.

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