What is the cashew roasting machine price?

The cashew roaster is mainly used to roast cashew nuts, peanuts, chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, coffee beans, melon seeds, and other nuts. There are two types of roasting machines: swing coated peanut oven and electric cashew baking machine. Both types of roasting machines are easy to use, high efficient, energy-saving, and durable. The baked nuts are of high quality, hygienic, healthy, and delicious, meeting export standards.

Factors affecting the price of cashew roasting machine

  • Heating method

The machine could use fuel gas, electricity, coal, heat conductive oil( with a boiler) as heating sources. The price of these fuels are different and we could provide some match machines for different heating methods, like a boil for heat conductive oil. Customers could choose the most convenient heating type according to their living places.

  • Capacity

There are small-scale, large-scale, and continuous cashew roaster machines. We provide capacity of 60-80kg/h, 80-100kg/h, 200-300kg/h, or more. They could customize machines for a specific output.

  • Wearing parts

The roaster is mainly made of stainless steel and is durable. For those parts easily damaged, we provide replacement parts. And there is also a one-year warranty.

Other important indexes

The heating temperature of the cashew swing roasting oven is basically 180-220℃, which is adjusted through a control panel. And the heating temperature of the electric cashew baking machine could reach 300℃. And there is also an automatic control system.

The electricity heating power of a medium cashew swing oven is 25kw, which equals 5-10 cubic meters of fuel gas. And for the large-scale roaster, the electric heating power is 70kw, or 15 cubic meters of fuel gas.

The size of the peanut roasting oven is about 2.2*2*1.4 m, 3.2*2.7*1.9m, 2.8*3.5*1.6m. And this may be a little different after adding some match machines. For larger-scale production lines, the size of roasting machines could be tail-made.

If you have any questions or are interested in our cashew roasting machine, please feel free to contact us, we are always at your service.

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