Large automatic cashew nut drying machine can process a variety of materials, such as pistachios, cocoa beans, peanuts, almonds, cashews, and other materials. This equipment can not only be used for baking materials but also has a cooling function. It is integrated baking and cooling equipment. The equipment first bakes the materials and then cools them down

Shuliy cashew roasting machine is an automatic cashew nut processing machine of Shuliy Food Machinery. It is mainly suitable for baking granular materials. Users can use the machine alone or with a cashew nut processing line.

Large cashew nut drying machine
Large Cashew Nut Drying Machine

Cashew nut drying machine can process a variety of materials, such as peanuts, almonds, pistachios, cocoa beans, etc. The equipment can not only bake materials but also have a cooling function. Therefore, this is a baking and cooling machine.

The specific working process of the cashew nut dryer is to bake materials first. Then enter the cooling system. At the same time, the equipment can achieve continuous baking, and one piece of equipment can complete two steps of baking and cooling.

Features of large cashew nut drying machine

  • The equipment adopts a new intelligent electronic digital display temperature control device for automatic temperature control. Therefore, the machine can accurately control the baking temperature so that the baked materials are heated more evenly.
  • The equipment can meet the needs of baking a variety of materials. The roasted nut materials are full and uniform in color.
  • The overall material of the equipment is stainless steel, which is firm and durable.
Cashew roasting machine for sale
Cashew Roasting Machine For Sale


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