Removal of impurities

firstly, use a vibrating screen and an air separator to remove the small proportion of foreign matter, such as hollow cashew nuts, branches, leaves, and pear fibers. Then, the method of water immersion and stirring is used to remove the impurities, stones, and silt with large specific gravity.


The cashew nuts with shells after impurity removal and natural evaporation of surface water are graded according to the particle size. Then the cashew nuts are divided into three grades: large, medium, and small. Finally, put the graded cashew nuts with shells into corresponding utensils or packaging bags and mark them.

Steam heating

Place the graded cashew nuts with shells in a high-pressure cooking pot with clean water for steam heating.

Rapid cooling

Quickly take out the heated cashew nuts with shells, and immediately put them into the cold storage room with a temperature of 4-10 ° C for 1-3 days.

Cashew Shelling

The cashew nuts with shells after heating and cooling are broken by the automatic cashew shelling machine. According to the different levels of cashew nuts with shells, the knife distance of the cashew nut shell breaking machine is adjusted accordingly.

Cashew shelling machine
Cashew Shelling Machine


Since the proportion of shell and shell residue is smaller than that of nuts, a vibrating screen, and air separator are used to separate the shell and nuts after shell breaking.