Cashew nut shell breaking machine is a machine used to peel cashew shells. At Shuliy Cashew Processing Machinery Factory, we have fully automatic cashew sheller and semi-automatic cashew sheller for sale.

Different models of machines have different prices. Today, I will explain in detail why the prices of cashew shellers in Sri Lanka are so different.

Cashew nut shell breaking machine
cashew nut shell breaking machine

What factors will affect the price of cashew sheller in Sri Lanka?

  1. Whether the machine is automatic.
    Whether the machine is automatic or not is the first factor that affects the price of cashew sheller. Because automatic cashew shelling machine can save you more labor and time.
  2. The output of the machine.
    At Shuliy cashew professing machinery, we have a semi-automatic machine with a capacity of 25 kg/h and an automatic cashew sheller with a capacity of 280 kg/h. Of course, machines with large output are more expensive.
  3. Distance.
    Freight is also one of the factors that affect the machine price. If you are closer to the cashew nut shelling machine manufacturer, the freight will be cheaper.
  4. Whether customized.
    If customers have special needs, we can provide customized services for customers. Of course, this requires some additional costs.
Cashew sheller sold to sri lanka
cashew sheller sold to Sri Lanka

Parameters of cashew nut shell breaking machine

ModelCapacitySizeWeightControl modeMotorVoltage
YK-4150-200kg(open 6 nuts)1.45*1*1.55m500kgbutton1.1kw380v
YK-530-45kg(open 2 nuts)1.45*0.5*1.2m200kgbutton0.75kw380v
60-80kg(open 4 nuts)1.45*0.7*1.2m400kgbutton0.75kw380v
YK-6130-180kg(open 8 nuts)1.45*1.33*1.55m480kgbutton1.5kw380v/220v
YK-8160-240kg(open 10 nuts)1.45*1.7*1.55m700kgbutton3kw380v/220v
YK-9200-280kg(open 12 nuts)1.45*1.9*1.55m780kgbutton3kw380v/220v

The above are the parameters of five automatic cashew nut shell breaking machine with output ranging from 150 kg/h to 280 kg/h. Our machines are often exported to Sri Lanka. If you need, please feel free to contact us.