Cashew nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids beneficial to the human body, as well as a large number of vitamins, trace elements, etc. It is also one of the most suitable healthy ingredients for modern people recommended by experts. And cashew products can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be eaten as a snack alone or with other ingredients. However, no matter how delicious cashew nuts are, a related problem cannot be avoided. That is, some people with an allergic constitution may be allergic to cashew nut products.

Cashew nuts
Cashew Nuts

In the United States, millions of adults and children have to say “no” to nuts because of allergies. While many people are salivating over cashew products, they have to shake their heads and wave their hands at them. The reason why cashew nuts can cause allergic people to have a variety of allergic reactions, such as itching in the mouth, drooling, itchy nose, sneezing, coughing, etc. This is mainly because cashew nuts contain a variety of allergens. Once ingested by mistake, these people will have skin itching, throat edema, and other reactions. It may even endanger life.

In addition, people who seem to be allergic to cashew nuts may also be allergic to the heavily flavored condiments in various cashew nut products currently sold on the market. At this time, if you can’t bear to refuse its delicious food. You can also try to taste the original cashew nuts. That is, cashew nuts baked in a cashew roasting machine . Take one or two tablets first, and wait for more than ten minutes before continuing to eat if there is no allergy.

Although cashew allergy is an unavoidable problem, it is said that good news is coming soon. Scientists are working on a way to deal with cashew nuts so that people who are allergic to cashew nuts can enjoy delicious food more safely. And this method can also be applied to other nuts. At the same time, new research further shows that early exposure to allergens can enhance children’s tolerance to allergens. Reduce the risk of food allergy in children. Therefore, if pregnant women do not have a history of cashew allergy, they may as well often eat high-quality cashew products.