The fully automatic cashew processing plant can process up to 1000 kg of cashew nuts per hour, and at least 300 kg of cashew nuts.

Therefore, The cashew processing plant capacity is between 300 kg/h and 1000 kg/h. And our fully automatic cashew nut processor is favored by customers in many countries. In December 2021, Vietnamese customers ordered a set of cashew nut processing machines.

Fully automatic cashew processing plant shipped to vietnam
fully automatic cashew processing plant shipped to Vietnam

Overview of cashew nuts in Vietnam

Since the early 1980s, Vietnam has been producing cashew nuts all over the country. Cashew cultivation is distributed in various regions of Vietnam, including Pingfu Province, Duonong Province, Tongnai Province and Pingyang Province, among which Pingfu Province is known as the main region for cashew cultivation, accounting for more than 50% of the total yield of cashew in Vietnam. With the development of the cashew planting industry, Vietnam cashew is providing high-quality cashew for the global market.

Cashew tree
cashew tree

Customer background

In May 2021, we received an inquiry from the customer. The email showed that he wanted a fully automatic cashew processing plant. And he wants us to send him a detailed quotation. Then our salesman Sophia contacted the customer. We learned that customers invest in cashew business with their friends. They plan to process local cashews and intend to export cashews abroad. Previously, customers have also learned about cashew nut production equipment of other companies.

Shippment picture of cashew processing machine
shippment picture of cashew processing machine

Why do customers choose our fully automatic cashew processing plant?

  1. Fast reply. After receiving the customer’s email, our salesman got in touch with the customer as soon as possible. In the follow-up communication, Sophia can also respond to the customer’s message in time.
  2. Pictures and videos are complete. As a manufacturer of fully automatic cashew processing plant, we have a wealth of cashew nut processing machine pictures and cashew nut processing videos to let customers know about the machine.
  3. Rich export experience. Taizy Cashew Machinery is a nut machinery factory with rich export experience. Similarly, our salesmen also have rich experience. During the communication process, the salesman solved the problems encountered by the customers in a timely manner based on their professional knowledge.