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Precautions for Cashew Nut Breaking Machine

Before using the cashew nut breaking machine, first, check whether all fasteners are tightened. Check whether the rotating part is flexible. Check whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing. Confirm whether the peeling machine is placed stably. In order to ensure the safety of operators, the motor shell must also be grounded. Turn the […]

Why Are Cashew Nuts So Expensive?

As we all know, nuts are rich in nutrients needed by the human body. Eating nuts regularly will bring many benefits to our bodies. We all know cashew nuts are one of the four nuts, and their price is also very expensive. Cashew nuts taste sweet. We can use it not only for cooking but […]

Why Should You Use Cashew Dyrer?

Cashew nuts are common nuts in our lives. But do you know how cashews grow? Cashew is the fruit of the cashew tree. In fact, the fruit of the cashew tree has two parts. The larger part is “cashew apple”, and the smaller part is the cashew nuts we eat. When the receptacle under the […]

Cashew Nut Producing Area and Time to Market

Cashew nut is a common nut food in life. Because of its good taste and high nutritional value, it is deeply loved by people. Moderate consumption of some cashew nuts can also supplement nutrition and improve immunity. Next, we will explain the production place and time to the Market of cashew nuts. Let’s have a […]

Is the Brown Skin of Vietnamese Cashew Nuts Edible?

Cashews are a common nut in life, not only delicious but also very nutritious. We know that cashews have brown skin. Many cashew nuts we bought are without skin. These cashew nuts without skin have been processed by cashew nuts peeling machine. Therefore, many friends ask if the brown skin of cashew nuts can be […]

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