Cashew nuts, a popular snack worldwide, undergo a meticulous process before reaching our hands. Among the crucial steps in cashew processing, the use of cashew nut grading machines significantly impacts the quality and sorting precision of these nuts. Understanding their costs and functionalities is vital for businesses in the cashew industry.

Cashew tree
cashew tree

Importance of Cashew Nut Grading Machines

Cashew nut grading machines, such as those available at Taizy Cashew Processing Machinery, play a pivotal role in sorting these nuts based on their sizes and quality. These machines, ranging from raw cashew grading machines to cashew kernel grading machines, offer varied functionalities to meet diverse industry demands.

Exploring Taizy Cashew Processing Machinery

Taizy offers a spectrum of cashew nut graders, catering to different sizing requirements. Their raw cashew grading machine efficiently sorts cashew nuts into 3 to 5 grades: <18mm, 18-20mm, 20-22mm, 22-24mm, 24-26mm, and >26mm. Moreover, customization options allow clients to tailor these machines according to specific preferences, ensuring precise sorting.

Features of Raw Cashew Grading Machines

Taizy’s raw cashew grading machine, model TZ-YG 400, boasts impressive specifications. With a capacity of 400 kg/h, a power of 1.1 kW, and a voltage of 380V at 50Hz, this machine’s dimensions span 3800x900x1600mm. Weighing 350 kg, it efficiently sorts raw cashews, meeting the industry’s rigorous standards.

Raw cashew nut grading machine
raw cashew nut grading machine

Delving into Cashew Kernel Grading Machines

For cashew kernel grading, Taizy offers the TZ-K500 model. This machine, designed with three layers of cylinders, allows the segregation of cashew kernels based on size. With a capacity of 500 kg/h, a power consumption of 0.75 kW, and operating at 380V with a frequency of 50Hz, this machine, sized at 2×0.8×1.4 meters and weighing 300 kg, ensures precise sorting.

Cashew kernel grading machine
cashew kernel grading machine

Cost Analysis of Cashew Nut Graders

Determining the price of cashew nut graders involves various factors, including the model, capacity, and customization requirements. Typically, the cost may range based on the functionalities and specifications desired by the client. For accurate pricing details and inquiries about Taizy’s cashew nut grading machines, reaching out to their knowledgeable team is recommended.


Cashew nut grading machines serve as indispensable assets in the cashew processing industry. Taizy Cashew Processing Machinery stands out by offering a diverse range of machines with customizable options, ensuring efficient sorting and meeting the varied needs of clients. Understanding the functionalities, specifications, and cost factors of these machines is crucial for businesses aiming for precise cashew nut sorting and processing.

For businesses involved in cashew processing, investing in quality cashew nut grading machines can enhance productivity and product quality, ultimately contributing to a competitive edge in the market.