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Cashewnut processing line

Seasoned cashew nut baking oven

Introduction of Swing coated nuts roasting oven: The coated nuts baking oven is the specially designed roaster for coated nut. Due to the adherence of the coated nuts, the ordinary cannot achieve the uniform baking expectation for the standstill coated nut will deform and the heating can only effect on at most two sides of […]

Cashew grading machine

Feature of Cashew grading machine: The difference between the growth and size of the cashew was not uniform. In order to improve the full opening shell rate, it is usually 3 to 5 levels according to customer requirements. The horizontal width 18 mm 20 mm 22 mm 24 mm and 26 mm. Component of Cashew […]

Cashew nut cooker

Introduction The cashew nut cooker developed and manufactured by Zhengzhou Shuli Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized equipment for cooking cashew nuts and the like. It can be used stand-alone or in combination with various production lines. The principle is to carry out the grading and then cook with a cashew cooker to create a […]

Cashew cracking and shelling machine

Cashew nut sheller machine is divided into manual, semi-automatic, automatic, and fully automatic types. The cashew nut cracker machine has the characteristics of a high degree of automation and a high shelling rate.

Cashew vibrate separator

Application of Cashew vibrate separator: It is mainly used to sifting cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, etc. The Cashew vibrate separator is used to separate nuts and shell. The Cashew vibrate separator determines the length according to the different uses, so as to achieve different screening purposes.       Features of Cashew vibrate conveyor: Feeding only […]

Cashew shell separator

  Introduction The  cashew shell separator produced by Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a machine for separating the cashew nut shells. The working principle of the machine is that the shell nuts are not found in the shell, and the nuts are beaten out.         Characteristics cashew shell separator  separate […]

Cashew nut dryer

The cashew nut dryer is a tray dryer, which can dry nuts, vegetables, medicines, and other products. The dryer is made of stainless steel and has a stable structure. The dehydration machine has an automatic temperature control function that can maintain a constant temperature and humidity during the drying process. Therefore, it has a good […]

Cashew peeling machine

Introduction of cashew nut peeling machine: The cashew nut peeling machine adopts the method of pneumatic peeling, which is suitable for peeling nuts such as cashew nuts and peanuts, and is suitable for small processing places.           Characteristic of cashew peeling machine: 1. There is no damage to food surface, strong […]

Cashew nut classify machine

Machine instruction Cashew nut classify machine independently developed by our company is a machine specially designed for cashew nut grading. It can be divided into different specifications of nuts, and the nutrients are intact and easy to operate.       Principle Cashew nut classify machine is mainly used for the classification of cashew nuts. […]